Florida May Be Reverting to Frye Standard for Admissibility of Expert Testimony

Originally published in Daily  Business Review, an ALM Media publication, March 2, 2o17. *Part of the ALM family of award-winning legal products and publications.* By:  April M. Dahl The Florida


by: Dennis J. Ryan, an ALM Listing Expert Recently, the National Commission on Forensic Science published a Views Document by the Subcommittee on Reporting and Testimony dealing with the terminology

Video Laryngoscopy Emergency Medicine Expert Witness Discusses Difficult Airway Secured with Video Laryngoscopy and an Endotracheal Tube Introducer

by: Seth Womack, MD, FAAEM , an ALM Listing Expert CASE:  43-year-old male presents to the ER with chief complaint of vomiting blood and epigastric (upper stomach) pain.   Approximately 1 hour pr

Shippers That Load Cargo May be Responsible for Injuries

by Terry E. Morgan, DLP & CTL-AST&L & Surface Transportation Board Practitioner and an ALM Listing Expert Case Synopsis: A contracted truck driver was injured while making a delivery to

Texas Lawyer: 13 Must-Ask Questions Before Enlisting An Expert Witness

Originally published in Texas Lawyer, an ALM Media publication, April 20, 2016 *Part of the ALM family of award-winning legal products and publications.* By: Quentin Brogdon Expert witnesses can mak

The Importance of Source Code Analysis for Investigations (Part 1)

Originally pushed for Legaltech News, an ALM publication October 28, 2015 by Joe Sremack, an ALM Listing Expert Source code analysis can provide critical insights needed to solve an investigation and

How Murky Video, Dead Lawyer Won a New Murder Trial

By: Noreen Marcus, Daily Business Review Originally published on February 13, 2016 Now that police dashboard cameras and smart phones are everywhere, it seems incredible that a grainy, silent video ca

Uber Faces Plaintiffs’ Bid for Multidistrict Litigation

Originally published on: The National Law Journal, January 7, 2016 *Part of the ALM family of award-winning legal products and publications.* By: Amanda Bronstad A new roadblock could lie ahead in U

Milberg Strengthens Litigation Support and Data Hosting with Division SpinOff

Milberg Announces Spin Off of Litigation Support and Data Hosting Services Division: Based in Stamford, Conn., the new business will continue to serve litigants throughout their discovery process fro

Tech in Trial: Advancing Techniques Means Increased Preparation

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Is a Trial Tech Expert Worth $200 an Hour? Originally published on: The Litigation Daily, November 10, 2015 By: Jenna Greene   Andrew Cox, who leads Thomp

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