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Raymond A. Pendleton, Pendleton & Associates, Inc.

New Orleans, LA

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Areas of specialty include: premises security liability/negligence, security planning and training, standards  full bio >

Anyck Turgeon M-CAT Enterprises TX DPS PSB: A-19068

Austin, TX

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With more than 25 years of technology innovation experience and impressive amount of certifications in securi  full bio >

Giovanni Masucci 132-CI, BCE, MPSC, CCITP, CLWE, CCPE, National Digital Forensics, Inc. (NATLDF)

Raleigh, NC

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Mr. Masucci is a Sr. Digital Forensic Examiner, North Carolina State Licensed Counterintelligence Professiona  full bio >

James J. Carroll CPA

Bridgewater, NJ

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Significant courtroom experience, personal injury, commercial damages, professional malpractice, highest qual  full bio >

J & K Associates, Inc.

Somerville, NJ



Cheryl Cline

Coral Springs, FL



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