Pressure Ulcers Expert Witness

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Christopher M. Davey M.D., P.A.

St. Petersburg, FL

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Dr. Davey has practiced in Family Practice and Geriatric Medicine since 1987 in office, hospital and nursing   full bio >

Med League Support Services, Inc.

Flemington, NJ


Med League Support Services if a full service premier legal healthcare consulting company providing services   full bio >

Jeffrey S. Williams DO, PC

Durango, CO

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Dr. Williams is a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in the Four Corners area. He completed   full bio >

Martin Janis MD, FACP, Raleigh Geriatrics, PA

Raleigh, NC

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Martin Janis, MD, FACP, has had 25 years of experience as a legal expert. He has a special interest in geria  full bio >

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