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Alberto M. Goldwaser MD, DLFAPA, Forensic Psychiatric Associates, LLC

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Alberto M. Goldwaser, MD, DLFAPA, specializes in clinical psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, p  full bio >

Robert Hughes Associates, Inc., John Oakley, President

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Founded in 1979, Robert Hughes Associates is an internationally recognized insurance, risk management and act  full bio >

Harold J. Bursztajn M.D., Accredited Psychiatry & Medicine

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Harold J. Bursztajn, M.D., President of the American Unit of the UNESCO Bioethics Chair, Harvard Medical Scho  full bio >

Garson M. Caruso MD, MPH Consulting Physician, Garson M. Caruso, MD, MPH, PA

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I am a board certified occupational physician in private consulting practice with extensive clinical and admi  full bio >

Susan D. Green, Susan Green & Associates, Inc.

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Federal & State Court expert witness testimony; Vocational Expert with Social Security Administration, Office  full bio >

Mark I. Levy MD, D.L.F.A.P.A, Medical Director/ Forensic Psychiatric Associates Medical Corporation

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Dr. Mark Levy has been practicing clinical Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis and Forensic Psychiatry for more than 4  full bio >

Carole Lieberman MD, MPH

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Nationally respected Board Certified Forensic Psychiatrist with winning record of trial testimony, deposition  full bio >

Richard Parent PhD, DABT, FATS, RAC, ERT, Consultox, Ltd.

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Dr. Richard Parent has been engaged in support of litigants, both plaintiff and defense, since 1984 and his f  full bio >

Dr. Richard M. Lynch Ph.D., CIH, CMC, CMRS, CHFM, FAIHA, Environmental Safety Management Corporation

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Dr. Lynch is routinely consulted by defense and plaintiff attorneys seeking litigation support in matters rel  full bio >

Medical Advisors, Inc./Technical Network Consulting Service

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Medical Advisors, Inc. provides top ranked Board Certified physicians and academicians in all medical special  full bio >

Bogdan Rentea, Rentea & Associates

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Bogdan Rentea has over 30 years of experience in the field of insurance law and regulations. He has served a  full bio >

Andrew M. Rodgers B.S., M.S., D.C., C.F.S., Fort Lee Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

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Dr. Rodgers Diplomate of the American Academy of Medical Legal Professionals and the 2011 distinguished alumn  full bio >

William Wolfson DMD, PC TMJ & Dental Expert in No Fault, Workers Compensation, Dental Malpractice, Personal Injury, TMJ & Medical Dental Problems

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Dr. William Wolfson is an actively practicing New York State licensed dentist with over 40 years of experienc  full bio >

Stuart S. Burstein MD Board Certified Psychiatrist, Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry

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Dr Stuart Burstein is board-certified in General Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry by the American Board of   full bio >

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