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Alberto M. Goldwaser MD, DLFAPA, Forensic Psychiatric Associates, LLC

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Alberto M. Goldwaser, MD, DLFAPA, specializes in clinical psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, p  full bio >

Chip Darius OHST, CET, CSHO, CUSP, Safety Priority Consultants, LLC

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Chip Darius has over 25 years of experience in safety and OSHA compliance consulting & training for industry,  full bio >

Dennis W. Eckstine, Eckstine & Associates, Inc.

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Mr. Eckstine, BSME, has extensive experience in matters involving cranes, aerial lifts, fork lifts, trucks, c  full bio >

Timothy G. Galarnyk, Construction Risk Management Inc.

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Construction means, methods and safety expert. How and why construction "accidents" which result in injuries,  full bio >

Carole Lieberman MD, MPH

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Nationally respected Board Certified Forensic Psychiatrist with winning record of trial testimony, deposition  full bio >

Daniel Rapperport, Rapperport Associates, Inc.

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Failure analysis, fire and explosion investigation, construction losses and accident reconstruction.Our team   full bio >

Professor J. Rasty PhD, PE, MBA, CFEI, CFII - President & CEO, Real-World Forensic Engineering, LLC

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Professional Engineers who are University Professors and Internationally Recognized Researchers, supported b  full bio >

Roger E. Salisbury, MD, FACS - Alan R. Dimick, MD, FACS,
American Burn Consultants, Inc.

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Over 65 years of experience in the research and care of thermally injured patients, Emeritus Professors of Su  full bio >

Debra S. Borys PhD

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Emotional damages assessment for: medical or psychotherapy malpractice, sexual harassment, clergy abuse, rape  full bio >

Joy S. Falk, DJS Associates, Inc.

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DJS Associates, Inc., an industry leader for over half a century, provides quality consulting services, litig  full bio >

Dr. Richard M. Lynch Ph.D., CIH, CMC, CMRS, CHFM, FAIHA, Environmental Safety Management Corporation

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Dr. Lynch is routinely consulted by defense and plaintiff attorneys seeking litigation support in matters rel  full bio >

Clive Segil M.D, F.R.C.S, F.A.C.S

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Dr. Segil is an outstanding Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon with an international reputation for over 40   full bio >

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