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Dr. William R. Sawyer Ph.D., D-ABFM, D-ABFE, Toxicologist, Toxicology Consultants & Assessment Specialists, LLC

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Dr. Sawyer is a toxicologist with a doctorate in toxicology from Indiana University School of Medicine. A dip  full bio >

Ted W. Simon Ph.D., DABT, Ted Simon LLC

Winston, GA

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Dr. Simon is an expert in toxicology, risk assessment, mathematical modeling, statistics, neuroscience, and e  full bio >

Allan D. Snyder, AFC Forensic Consulting

Irvine, CA

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California Structural Pest Control Licensee #28957: Licensed to inspect, identify & treat household pests bed  full bio >

C. J. Abraham, PhD, PE, FRIC, FTI, DEE, Scientific Advisory Services, Ltd.

Great Neck, NY

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Scientific Advisory Services, Ltd. has over forty-five years of international experience consulting to insura  full bio >

Hannah M. Mathers Ph.D., Mathers Environmental Science Services, LLC

Gahanna, OH

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Dr. Mathers has been an independent researcher and consultant since Jan. 2015, conducting weed science studie  full bio >

Frederick J. Passman PhD, President, Biodeterioration Control Associates, Inc.

Princeton, NJ

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Dr. Passman is an ASTM Fellow, STLE Fellow and Certified Metalworking Fluids Specialist with 40 years' experi  full bio >

Jonathan S. Rutchik MD, MPH

Mill Valley, CA

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Jonathan S. Rutchik, MD, MPH is a physician who is board certified in both Neurology and Occupational and Env  full bio >

Randy D. Horsak PE, 3TM Consulting, LLC

Houston, TX

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Randy Horsak is President of 3TM Consulting, LLC. He has more than 45 years experience in environmental engin  full bio >

George Manning, American Pest Solutions

Chicago, IL

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American Pest Solutions is still directed by its founder, George Manning, an internationally known consulting  full bio >

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