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Charles H. Heller Ph.D., Heller Consulting Group

New York, NY

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Forensic Psychologist and Expert Witness with extensive court experience in Civil, Criminal and Family Court   full bio >

Shari Julian Ph.D., MS, MEd, DFFM, DFFE, PHR, Comprehensive Behavioral Consultants

Euless, TX

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Specialist in human resource & employment issues, sexual harassment/employment discrimination (500+ cases), l  full bio >

Carole Lieberman MD, MPH

Beverly Hills, CA

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Nationally respected Board Certified Forensic Psychiatrist with winning record of trial testimony, deposition  full bio >

Alan J. Lipman J.D., Ph.D., Washington Legal Psychological Expert Consulting: Violent Behavior, Abuse, and Disorders

Washington, DC

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Leading Georgetown Doctor, Georgetown J.D., Professor. Over 20 years' experience. Expertise in Violent Behavi  full bio >

Arthur T. Hadley MD, MPH & TM, Arthur Hadley Medicine

Katy, TX

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Particular expertise includes all aspects of occupational medicine to include surveillance, independent medic  full bio >

Michael Levittan Ph.D. Expert Witness, Media Spokesperson, Marriage & Family Therapist

Los Angeles, CA

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Dr. Michael (Levittan) is an accomplished and recognized expert on Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Child  full bio >

Michael I. Musgrove, Musgrove Investigation Consulting

Santa Rosa, CA

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Recently retired Law Enforcement professional with 26 years experience as a Police Officer and Deputy Sheriff  full bio >

Mark B. Siegert Ph.D., Mark Siegert, Ph.D. and Associates, LLC

Millburn, NJ

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Forensic and Clinical Psychology practice (50/50 defense/plaintiff) with expertise in: Detection of Malingeri  full bio >

Alice R. Berkowitz PhD Clinical & Forensic Psychologist

Beverly Hills, CA

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For over 25 years, Dr. Berkowitz has specialized in forensic psychology, neuropsychology and clinical/diagnos  full bio >

Teresa J. Devitt-Lynch MSN, RN-BC, SANE-A, CFN, CMI-I Forensic Healthcare Consultant, INTREPID Forensic Healthcare Consulting, LLC

Converse, TX

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INTREPID Forensic Healthcare Consulting provides first-rate consulting and expert witness services to prosecu  full bio >

Mindy B. Mechanic Professor of Psychology / Licensed Psychologist, CSUF - Department of Psychology

Fullerton, CA

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Intimate partner violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, sexual harassment, PTSD, trauma, sexu  full bio >

Tracy J. Price

Lakewood, CO



Keith A. Robinson

Houston, TX



Jason N. Snow BCFE, LPC

Atlanta, GA



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