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NEFCO Fire Investigations

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Our team of experts has never failed a Daubert Challenge. All NEFCO O&C investigators are W2 employees, aver  full bio >

Richard T. Hughes, R. Hughes Engineering, P.C.

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Richard T. Hughes, P.E. has over 35 years experience within the engineering field. Mr. Hughes has inspected o  full bio >

Robert Malanga PE, Fire & Risk Engineering

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Areas of Specialty: Forensic Analysis of Fire Cause, Behavior and Spread, including Explosion Phenomena; Fire  full bio >

David M. Manuta Ph.D., FAIC, Manuta Chemical Consulting, Inc.

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Manuta Chemical Consulting, Inc. (MC2) engages in professional litigation support services for attorneys in f  full bio >

John W. Mroszczyk

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Areas of expertise include: machine guards, mechanical, structural, building codes, construction accidents, s  full bio >

Daniel Rapperport, Rapperport Associates, Inc.

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Failure analysis, fire and explosion investigation, construction losses and accident reconstruction.Our team   full bio >

Professor J. Rasty PhD, PE, MBA, CFEI, CFII - President & CEO, Real-World Forensic Engineering, LLC

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Professional Engineers who are University Professors and Internationally Recognized Researchers, supported b  full bio >

Meyer R. Rosen CPC, CChE, CFEI, FRSC, FACFE,
Interactive Consulting, Inc.

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Meyer R. Rosen is a consulting chemist and chemical engineer. He serves as an expert witness for plaintiff/de  full bio >

Agosti and Associates, Inc.

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For more than 20 years, Agosti & Associates has provided expert consultation services to attorneys and the in  full bio >

Canney Brook Forensic Engineers , R. Craig Williams P.E., CFEI, CFII

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Craig Williams has decades of professional engineering experience in forensic engineering, failure analysis,   full bio >

Emanuel P. Caras R.A. Senior Associate, WDP & Associates Consulting Engineers, Inc.

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Forensic experts in structural system failures, building envelope performance failures, geotechnical-related   full bio >

Ajey Chandra, Muse, Stancil & Co.

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Muse, Stancil & Co. is composed of registered licensed chemical and mechanical engineers with MBAs and extens  full bio >

Steve Chasteen AIFireE, CFI, CFEI, FireTech Investigations

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Steve Chasteen has been in the fire service since 1972 and has conducted more than 2,900 fire scene examinati  full bio >

Celia Craig, Summit Professional Resources, LLC

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Summit Professional Resources, LLC offers expert witness and photographic services concentrating on Engineeri  full bio >

Christopher Curtis, PLS, Geomatics Engineer, CBC Geospatial Consulting Inc.

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Mr. Curtis has more than 25 years of experience in land surveying and geomatics engineering with more than 10  full bio >

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