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Andrew Sulner M.S., J.D., Forensic Document Examinations, LLC

New York, ny

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Andrew Sulner is a board certified forensic document examiner whose expert testimony has been favorably cited  full bio >

Applied Forensics, LLC , Dennis J. Ryan

East Meadow, ny


Applied Forensics is a 21st Century Forensic Lab specializing in all areas of Questioned Documents and Handwr  full bio >

Richard T. Picciochi, Access Forensic Group, LLC

Floral Park, ny

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Richard T. Picciochi is a retired NYPD Detective and certified document examiner with over thirty years of ex  full bio >

J. Wright Leonard BCFE, CDE

Serves ny

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J. Wright Leonard, BCFE, CDE. Board Certified Forensic Document Examiner. Testified in over 230 civil and cri  full bio >

Marc J. Seifer PhD, Seifer Handwriting Consultants

Serves ny

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COURT QUALIFIED: Federal, State Courts, Civil and Criminal Court. FOUNDING FELLOW: American College of Foren  full bio >

Emily J. Will D-BFDE,

Serves ny

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Board Certified Forensic Document Examiner (; Secretary, Forensic Specialties Accreditation   full bio >

Curt Baggett, No. 1 Document Examiner & Handwriting Expert, Expert Document Examiner

Serves ny

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An authority, skilled in handwriting identifications and have completed the following studies in questioned d  full bio >

Robert Baier, Northeastern Regional Manager, Handwriting Services International

Warwick, ny

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We provide one complete source for all of your document examining, forgery, or handwriting issues, specializi  full bio >

Roxanne Brand Certified Forensic Document Examiner, Veridocs, LLC

Warwick, ny

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Roxanne Brand works with attorneys in civil cases that are in need of authenticating handwriting/signatures a  full bio >

Ruth Brayer Forensic Document Examiner, Brayer Handwriting International

New York, ny

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Court Qualified Expert Witness Ruth Brayer has over 30 years of experience in authenticating disputed documen  full bio >

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