George Papcun Ph.D., Sound Evidence


Phone: (505) 986-9636


Dr. Papcun has qualified as an expert witness in US state, federal and military courts and in Australia and Canada. He has completed assignments for Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency and US Secret Service. He was Team Leader of Los Alamos National Laboratory R&D 100 Award, one of the 100 most significant technological achievements in 1992. Expertise: Audio Evidence, Speaker Identification, Tampering Analysis, Enhancing Intelligibility. Forensics cases: Rodney King v. City of Los Angeles) (See Dr. Papcun's report in Letters of the Century, Dial Press), Homicide of Jon Benet Ramsay, Alaska v. Exxon Valdez, Queen v. Kashani-Malaki (Australia), Paula Abdul Recording, State of Florida v. Zimmerman. The Mystery and the Mortgage (CBS 48 Hours Mystery). Teaching: Courses for IBM, Siemens, Danish National Telephone and others.


Primary Area of Expertise:
Forensic Audio

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