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Caragonne and Associates is a litigation consulting firm specializing in international life care planning. Investigations take place in Mexico and Latin America to accurately determine costs. On-site, country-specific cost research is completed. Studies are individualized, well-substantiated, replicable, and data-based. Final reports compare costs of care in the US against costs for care if received in Mexico or Latin America. Consultation is provided both to the prosecution and defense of medical malpractice, product liability or personal injury.

Consultations proceed as follows: The US life care plan is evaluated; all costs substantiated and methods adopted by the care planner analyzed for their reliability and validity. City-specific Mexico or Latin American services are located for all US services advocated. Local providers are contacted, prices obtained to validate usual and customary costs and currencies converted into their US equivalent. On-site visits include: photography of all services, homes, neighborhoods, hospitals and vendors; interviews with physicians and detailed bids obtained for all services.

Attorneys are often presented with life are plans created for injured people living in or planning to return to a Mexico or Latin America country of origin when litigation is over. Despite this, the care plans propose US service delivery and US prices, significantly over-estimating the true costs of future care. Services will likely be purchased using Mexican or Latin America currencies. A valid, evidence-based and realistic plan would include only the costs a disabled person would incur when purchasing services in their country of origin. For consultation call 866-285-0665

Care plans can also be developed for disabled individuals living full-time in the US. Curriculum vitae are available by request or can be downloaded from the website:

M.S.W., Ph.D., Certified Life Care Planner

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Life Care Planning (Medical & Health)