Allan E. Klein Certified Property Manager®, Professional Management Services

23371 Mulholland Dr., Suite 230

Woodland Hills , CA  91364

Phone: (818) 372-0262

Commercial/Residential Real Estate Management Industry Standards of Care and Practice; Premises Liability, Contracts/Leases, Policies and Procedures, Personal Injury, Slip/Trip and Fall, Preventative Maintenance, Security, Health and Safety, Habitability, Negligent Hiring/Supervision, Liability Exposure, Property Inspections, Financial Reporting. Fair Housing/ Discrimination/Sexual Harassment/Retaliation, Tenant/Landlord Disputes and Arbitration, 30+ Years Hands-On Management Experience, Extensive and Balanced (Pl/Def) Representation. 400+ State and Federal Cases, Deposition and Court Testimony Experience. Strong Credibility. Excellent References.

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration; Certified Property Manager® (CPM); Emeritus; Paralegal Certificate in Litigation/Corporations; CA Real Estate License - Retired

Primary Area of Expertise:
Property Management

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