Allan S. Billehus, SouthEast Vocational Experts

3585 Raymond Drive

Doraville , GA  30340

Phone: (404) 735-6900


Mr. Billehus is the owner of SouthEast Vocational Experts. He has a Masters & Education Specialist degree from a top 20 university in Rehabilitation Counseling. Mr. Billehus has been providing Vocational Evaluations and Forensic Vocational Expert services since 1996.

Our vocational experts are qualified to evaluate and opinion on contested PRE/POST Employability issues, Earning Capacity, Vocational Rehabilitation and Career potential. Our experts have testified: Federal, family-probate courts; civil and Federal disability (SSA/ODAR) adjudication hearings.

Our experts are experienced forensically to provide added value by demanding Peer-Reviewed methodology and testimony on Complex Psychological/Mental Health issues, Cognitive Issues, and/or Physical Limitations. We also do Job-Analysis, Transferable Skills Analysis, Labor Market Access, Workforce Numbers, and prevailing Wages in the Competitive Labor Market.

We specialize in comprehensive testing instruments, e.g. Cognitive, IQ, Memory, Malingering, Mental-Health Pathology, & physical-abilities for the following issues: Determining Worker Employability - Earnings =Vocational Assessment- Vocational Evaluation: LTD/STD, Personal Injury, WD, Divorce, Career Counseling, Psychological injuries/Mental-Health Injuries/Disability Evaluation. We have an additional specialization in Low-IQ, and Developmental Disability issues.

Mr. Billehus is also able to provide Forensic Criminal Competency Evaluations, Violence and Risk Assessments, for Juveniles and Adults.

Primary Area of Expertise:
Disability Evaluation

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