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Primary Area of Expertise
Dog Bites
Michael S. Gould is a court certified expert witness in dog bite analysis and animal aggression and a dog trainer with more than 30 years of experience. Began his career with the NYPD canine unit and later moved to the Nassau County Police Department, where he became the Commanding Officer of the Department's Canine Unit. As a state certified trainer and examiner of police canines, Michael has evaluated canine teams for law enforcement agencies throughout New York State and has extensive experience identifying and evaluating dog behavior. His private bomb dog company supplied bomb-sniffing police dogs at Ground Zero after the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks.

In addition to owning and operating a dog daycare, Michael regularly evaluates the temperaments of dogs for their suitability and sociability as pets and their ability to interact non-aggressively in pack environments. He regularly supervises and studies canine pack behaviors and has testified about dog bites and animal aggression in court for private clients with a 100% success rate.
Education & Licenses
* New York State Bureau of Municipal Police
* Certified Canine Trainer and Examiner of Police Patrol, Tracking and Scent Detection Dogs [Retired]
* New York State Bureau of Municipal Police Certified Instructor [Retired]
* United States Navy Law Enforcement Instructor certification [Retired]
* New York State Certified Law Enforcement Instructor [Retired]
* Professional memberships F.B.I. National Academy, FBNIA United States Naval Reserve, USNR [Retired]
* American Society for Industrial Security, ASIS Nassau County Superior Officers Assoc. NCSOA
* United States Police Canine Assoc., Associate Member [Retired]
* Port Jefferson Station, Chamber of Commerce
* Ronkonkoma Chamber of Commerce
* American Kennel and Boarding Association