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Litigators’ Trusted Legal Resource

        We’re pleased to present the  2023 ALM Experts Mid-Atlantic Directory FREE to subscribers to
        the ALM family of award-winning legal publications and services, which includes The American
        Lawyer, The National Law Journal, Corporate Counsel, VerdictSearch and

        The  2023 ALM Experts Mid-Atlantic Directory will be of immense value to anyone
        preparing for trial. From accident investigation to medical chart review to legal videography, the
        directory gives you instant access to information about thousands of experts, consultants, and
        litigation support professionals who can help you in building your strongest case.

        How can you find the right expert or consultant for your case quickly and easily?
        The  2023 ALM Experts Mid-Atlantic Directory offers a variety of solutions:
              •  Use our alphabetical index in the front of the book to easily find experts by category.

              •  See short abstracts of experts and companies in our listing section of alphabetized categories.
             This section contains experts, ADR professionals, investigators, process servers, court
             reporters, and legal support professionals.

              •  Read detailed resumes of experts. Many experts have gone beyond simply providing general
             contact information and have included detailed descriptions of their background and
             experience to help you make your decision.
              •  Expand your search online at ALMEXPERTS.COM. Can’t find what you’re looking for in the
             directory? Visit ALMEXPERTS.COM and search by keyword. Online searches also
             allow you to go beyond your local geographic area and find experts nationwide.
        Why is the  2023 ALM Experts Mid-Atlantic Directory so widely trusted? Because it’s
        published by ALM, the nation’s leader in legal news and information. ALM’s highly regarded
        publications and conferences reach more than 1 million readers and attendees from coast to coast,
        including over 70% of the lawyers in the U.S. Our experience makes the  2023 ALM Experts
        Mid-Atlantic Directory the ideal starting point for lawyers seeking experts and consultants.

        If you have any questions about the  2023 ALM Experts Mid-Atlantic Directory or
        ALMEXPERTS.COM, e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at 1-888-809-0133. We value your
        readership and are happy to help.

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