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Drug abuse expert witnesses may testify or provide professional insight on legal issues involving substance abuse, chemical dependence, addiction, alcohol abuse, and abuse of illicit and/or prescription drugs. These experts may provide expert testimony or reports on drug dependence, excessive use of drugs, DUI (driving under the influence), DWI (driving while intoxicated), symptoms of drug influence and dependence, intoxication, and other drug-related matters.

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Expert Michael J. Perrotti Ph.D., Michael J. Perrotti, Ph.D., Inc.
Expert Ted W. Simon Ph.D., DABT, Ted Simon LLC
Expert John Vasiliades PhD, DABFT, DABCC Laboratory Director & Toxicologist, Toxicology Laboratories, Inc.
Expert Lawrence J. Guzzardi MD
Expert Mark McDonald MD, Mark McDonald, M.D. Inc.
Expert Weston J. Welker MD, Carewell LLC
Expert Richard J. Frances M.D.
Expert Joseph A. Rodriguez M.D., Joseph A. Rodriguez, M.D.
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