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Search our accident investigation and failure analysis expert witness and consultant directory that includes expert listings for slips, trips and falls, accident reconstruction, chemical exposure, chemical spills, accident prevention, industrial accidents, Electrical Equipment Failure and many more. Browse our list of categories or use our search tool to find the right accident investigation & failure analysis expert witness or consultant for your case.

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Expert Thomas H. Burtness PE, BSEE, Burtness Engineering Services
Expert Professor J. Rasty PhD, PE, MBA, CFEI, CFII - President & CEO, Real-World Forensic Engineering, LLC
Expert Dr. A. B. Thakker, Global Technology Experts, Inc.
Expert Canney Brook Forensic Engineers , R. Craig Williams P.E., CFEI, CFII
Expert David A. Reiter P.E., C.F.I., Verité Forensic Engineering, LLC
Expert Peter R. Walsh PE, ESCP, OSHA AT, Teaticket Technical Associates, LLC
Expert Curtis E. Falany P.E., J. B. Shepherd & Company, Inc.
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