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Medical toxicology expert witnesses may provide witness testimony and reports on clinical toxicology, adverse drug reactions, poisoning, accidental overdose, carbon monoxide poisoning, occupational toxic exposures, substance abuse, and blood alcohol concentration and levels of drugs in the system for DUI and DWI cases. As expert witnesses and forensic consultants, they may also offer their medical opinion on issues related to causation of diseases, drug toxicology, leukemia, lung cancer, mesothelioma, lung fibrosis, lymphoma, radiation poisoning, injuries related to toxic exposure, workplace exposures, and forensic toxicology.

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Expert Connie M. Hendrickson, ARKON Consultants
Expert Dr. James C. Norris
Expert Richard Parent PhD, DABT, FATS, RAC, ERT, Consultox, Ltd.
Expert Dr. William R. Sawyer Ph.D., Toxicologist, Toxicology Consultants & Assessment Specialists, LLC
Expert Ted W. Simon Ph.D., DABT, Ted Simon LLC
Expert Dennis M. Stainken Ph.D., Princeton-Somerset Group. Inc.
Expert Nachman Brautbar M.D., Nachman Brautbar, M.D., Inc.
Expert Daniel E. Buffington PharmD, MBA, Center for Forensic Pharmacology
Expert Dr. Cham Dallas Professor and Director, University of Georgia
Expert Lawrence J. Guzzardi MD
Expert Medical Advisors, Inc./Technical Network Consulting Service
Expert Michael J. Kosnett MD, MPH, FACMT
Expert Jonathan S. Rutchik MD, MPH, FAAN, FACOEM
Expert Joseph S. Bertino Jr.
Expert Stanley C. Haimes MD, MPH, CIH, CSP, FACOEM, Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, PA
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