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Expert witnesses in police practices and procedures can advise, prepare legal reports, and testify in a wide range of cases involving law enforcement procedural standards, penal issues, and professional code of practices. Representative cases include admissions and confessions, use of deadly and excessive force, search and seizure, pursuit and restraint tactics, false imprisonment, entrapment, police training and misconduct, arrests and arrest tactics, and related litigious matters.

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Expert Steve Ashley BA, MS, MLS, MUFI, MFCI, ARM/P
Expert Joseph J. Blaettler AAS, BS, MS, CPM, East Coast Private Investigations of New Jersey, LLC
Expert Charles V. Campisi Sr. Vice President, Cyber Diligence, Inc.
Expert S. Ronald Hauri
Expert Ron Martinelli Ph.D., CMI-V Federal/State Courts Police Practices & Premises Liability Expert, Martinelli & Associates, Justice & Forensic Consultants, Inc.
Expert TASA (Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys)
Expert James L. Greenstone Ed.D., J.D., D.A.B.E.C.I., Greenstone & Leviton and Associates
Expert Gregg L. Higginbotham Owner, GLH & Associates - Consulting and Expert Witness Services
Expert Roy G. Taylor
Expert Barry V. Brodd, BVB & Associates, Consulting and Expert Witness Services
Expert Michael Corbett, Corbett Investigative Consulting, LLC
Expert George C. Klein, Oakton Community College
Expert Adam Bercovici, Titan National Investigations and Expert Consulting
Expert Chief Dan Busken
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