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Search our psychiatry and psychology expert witness and consultant directory that includes expert listings for mental health, psychiatric evaluations, psychiatric trauma, clinical psychology, adult psychiatry, Psychiatric Personal Injury and more. Browse our list of categories or use our search tool to find the right psychiatry & psychology expert witness or consultant for your case.

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Expert Gundu A. Reddy M.D., GABA Telepsychiatry
Expert Saul Rosenberg, Ph.D. PTSD & TBI Expert Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCSF
Expert Dr. Lawrence Amsel, Columbia University
Expert William Dikel M.D. Independent Consulting Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiarist
Expert Linnda Durré Ph.D.
Expert Morton Fridman MD
Expert Mark I. Levy MD, D.L.F.A.P.A, Medical Director/ Forensic Psychiatric Associates Medical Corporation
Expert Alan J. Lipman J.D., Ph.D., Washington Legal Psychological Expert Consulting: Violent Behavior, Abuse, and Disorders
Expert Michael J. Perrotti Ph.D., Michael J. Perrotti, Ph.D., Inc.
Expert Bill Geis Ph.D. Director of Behavioral Health Research - Professor of Psychiatry, University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Medicine
Expert Sanjay Adhia MD MRO Triple-Board Certified Forensic Psychiatrist, Sanjay Adhia, MD MRO Forensic Psychiatry
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