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Accident Investigation & Failure Analysis

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Master's Degree in Safety. Certified Safety Professional. Falls, Cranes, Rigging, Excavation, Scaffolds, Multi-Employer Cases and major OSHA issues are the core of my business. 30 years of experience managing safety, developing safety programs, training personnel, investigating accidents, and advising top management has developed me as a leader in the field.

As an ANSI A10 Committee member, I work to develop American National Standards for the Construction and Demolition Industry. My background also includes OSHA, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Navy, ASME, and other vital standards.

I directed safety for a billion dollar plus Navy project and routinely managed multi-state safety operations for highways, buildings, demolition, and heavy construction projects. These included bridges, pipelines, tunnels, rapid transit systems, underground utilities, marine projects, flood walls, hydro-electric plants, dams, landfills, airports, sewage treatment plants, hospitals, and industrial facilities.

Cranes, rigging, forklifts, aerial lifts, multi-purpose lifting machines, steel erection, and pre-cast concrete erection are key strengths. For years, I reviewed and approved critical crane lift and rigging plans for Navy contracts.

Trenching crews using the one call utility marking service, installing shoring, performing confined space entry, and pressure testing pipelines have been a career focus.

I have in-depth training and experience with fall protection, heavy equipment, paving, scaffolds, shoring, concrete placement, pile driving, electrical systems, and LO/TO.

I excel at explaining OSHA's Multi-Employer Citation Policy, work site issues, and complex cases.