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For over 25 years, Dr. Berkowitz has specialized in forensic psychology, neuropsychology and clinical/diagnostic assessment court evaluations and trainings. She is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Marriage, Family and Children Counselor. Dr. Berkowitz has served as an expert witness in hundreds of high profile and complex cases within the California Superior Courts. Her consultation and expert testimony expertise in California and Nationally includes addressing legal questions pertinent to high conflict co-parenting difficulties, domestic violence and abuse, violence and sex offender risk assessment, psycho-sexual issues, persuasive development disorders, head injury, neuropsychological functioning, cognitive ability, parental alienation, child sexual abuse, false allegations and psychological/emotional damages for Family Law, Criminal and Civil Court as well as for Military Court martials. Dr. Berkowitz also provides litigation consultation to attorneys regarding various psychological and parenting issues, some of which include: Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing, 500+ Child Custody Evaluations, Expert Witness testimony, School Evaluations, Psychological Testing, Reports, Declarations, and consultations with other professional involved on a case when appropriate.

Dr. Berkowitz travels nationally and internationally for Evaluations, Litigation Consulting and Expert Witness Testimony. She performs extensive interviews on all cases and provides detailed reports that are easily read and include as much clinical, scientific and/or investigative information as is needed to support findings. She is highly valued and respected by the courts and is a nationally recognized expert.

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