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Computer Forensics

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Garrett Discovery Inc. has offices throughout the United States and specializes in eDiscovery, computer, video and audio forensics. Garrett Discovery is affordable and effective.

Case Work:
* Criminal Defense Cases (Murder, Child Pornography, Digital Crimes)
* Cell Phone Forensics
* Video Forensics (DVR's to Video Analysis)
* Computer Forensics
* Intellectual Property Theft
* Medical Malpractice
* Civil Rights
* Human Rights
* Healthcare (Electronic Medical Records)
* Jail Investigations
* Financial and Banking
* Human Resource Investigations

Mr. Garrett is a court-certified expert witness in mobile device forensics, computer forensics, and video forensics. Mr. Garrett was formally enlisted in the US Navy and Reserve for 13 years before becoming a federal contractor and subsequently starting his own firm. Garrett was also responsible for training eDiscovery and Forensic analysts for the DoD as a federal contractor to support the Air Force Legal Operations. He is well versed in law and has testified in over 40 state and federal courts.

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