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Apparel: Mr. Sarabia can review performance of a wide array of apparel business agreements to determine consistency with the standards of the industry. He has worked extensively on most facets of the clothing business and can provide expert testimony and analysis about matters such as contracts, manufacturing (local, abroad), import, export, sales, distribution, factory conditions, similarity of apparel lines and protection of designs.

Licensing: Mr. Sarabia has more than twenty years of experience in consumer licensing. He is familiar with international and domestic licensing including revenue projections, monitoring of licensees, standards of the industry, performance and breaches. He can evaluate licensee and licensor performance under the standards of the industry. He was an expert in licensing for the Vatican, Converse and Jones Apparel.

Trademarks and Trade Dress: During 25 years, his work on trademarks has encompassed: international and domestic registration, secondary meaning, infringement, dilution, searches, investigations, due diligence, trade dress and counterfeiting in a variety of businesses such as software, food, real estate, concert promotion and apparel.

Copyrights: He can provide opinions on the originality and substantial similarity of copyrights.

Design patents: defenses based on lack on originality, identify and analyze obviousness and prior art.

Standards of Practice of Apparel Business Lawyers, Intellectual Property Lawyers and Licensing Lawyers: Based on his 25 years of in depth experience as a lawyer in the apparel business and with intellectual property and licensing law, Mr. Sarabia can provide expert opinions as to the standard of care of lawyers in these areas. He has provided such opinions for both defendants and plaintiffs.