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Brad Muir has over 40 years of oil and gas industry experience in roles ranging from well site supervision through to executive management in the well construction function. His experience across the majority of onshore and offshore basins globally includes all aspects of the well construction process from drilling through completion, workover and abandonment / reclamation; deepwater / shallow, high pressure/high temperature (HPHT), sour critical (52% H2S), on various rig types and platforms. Mr. Muir is well versed on the subject of well management systems, major hazard mitigation and management, and also has a high level of experience in contractor management including contract negotiations (particularly for major contracts such as rigs). Mr. Muir has been retained as an expert witness involving aspects of well design, well operations, major contractor management, and marine salvage, as well as loss of well control (blowouts).

Education & Licenses

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Calgary