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Bridget Brandon is President of The Equine Expert LLC, a collaborative Expert Witness and Consulting firm focusing on multi-disciplines and offers expert equestrians for legal support services in court cases and legal matters. We are an actual consulting firm, not a pay for search firm that deals specifically in equine cases. Our consultants offer a wide variety of expertise in most all disciplines in the horse industry to cover liability, accident reconstruction, business, standards in the industry, valuations, training, showing, sale, equipment, rental stables, breeding, equine behavior, neglect and most all equine areas needing support in legal matters and business consulting.

The firm was started by Bridget Brandon who has been a leading expert in the industry since 2000 and has been qualified in both state and federal court. Bridget recognized the need to put together a firm with top equine experts in their chosen discipline. Not all breeds and discipline are alike and it’s important to work with an expert who understands the breed and discipline involved in the case. Members of the firm are ready to assist both Plaintiffs and Defendants in a variety of services needed in support of a legal case such as case review, deposition questions, attorney education, opposing opinion review, suggestions for discovery and assistance with locating very specific type experts. If you are in need of a very specialized expert, we can assist you in sourcing that special individual as well.