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Bridget Brandon is a leading expert for both plaintiff and defendant in equine liability and valuation cases (Sr. Certified ASEA #03121). Her expert knowledge of equine industry standards include and extend beyond the following areas of horse valuations, buying and selling, veterinary medical malpractice, equine death valuations, loss of future income, equipment appraisals, equipment safety, horse related accident reconstruction and analysis, equine accident prevention, degrees of negligence, stable management, horse abuse and neglect, riding instruction, trail riding, horse training, equine behavior, safety procedures, proper equipment usage, boarding and rental stables, show horses, breeding, standards in horse showing and training, equine liability and attorney education regarding the equine industry.
As a consulting expert, Bridget is available for case review, assistance with deposition questions, attorney education, opposing opinion review, suggestions for discovery, assistance with locating experts and much more. As a testifying expert, her well researched and written opinion often lead to case settling in favor of her client and a trial avoided. She has provided expert consultation in both Federal and state cases. Bridget has been qualified in Court as an Equine Expert, providing testimony at deposition and trial.