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Biomedical Engineering

Expert Witness Profile

Dr. Barkalow has over 35 years experience as a biomedical engineer and clinical engineer for hospitals, medical device companies, legal firms, insurance carriers, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). He is a licensed engineer and certified clinical engineer specializing in diagnostic and therapeutic medical technology. Examples include defibrillators, pacemakers, lasers, electrosurgical devices, monitors, computers, ventilators, infusion pumps, anesthesia equipment, surgical tools, wheelchairs, and various kinds of device implants. Expertise includes medical device and medical technology-related design, safety, FDA 510(k) and FDA PMA processes, root cause analysis, fires, burns, shocks, Joint Commission (JCAHO), FDA, and national technical standards.

Areas of Expertise: Biomedical Engineering, Medical Devices (Intellectual Property), Clinical Engineering, Medical Devices (Medical & Health), Standards for Medical Devices, Medical Devices (Safety & Security) & Biomechanics

Education & Licenses

Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, M.S. Physics, B.S. Applied Physics, A.S. Science, Licensed Safety Engineer (CA), Licensed Electrical Engineer (CA), Licensed Engineer (MI), and Certified Clinical Engineer