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Microbe Inotech Laboratories has over twenty-five years of experience providing microbiological services to our clients. As a microbiological lab, we provide excellence in value, in service, and in science in four laboratory sectors: environmental, food safety, industrial, biotechnological and pharmaceutical markets. Our PhD level expert witness work in microbiology, biochemistry, and plant pathology is complemented by a registered and licensed dietitian on staff for food safety and nutrition issues. The MIL, Inc. performs rapid microbial identifications, confirmations, contaminant sourcing, of all pathogenic, indicator, and spoilage organisms (bacterial, yeasts and molds, and other fungi) using the latest genetic (DNA) and instrumental technologies. The MIL, Inc. additionally operates a satellite laboratory for the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership serving the city and county at their biotechnology incubator, the Helix Center. Dr. Hemming serves as the Executive Director of the Helix Center Core Laboratory. Dr. Hemming also serves as CEO of Microbe SCAN (USA) LLC, and is a partner in Microbe SCAN LTD (Kenya) both companies are entrepreneurial startups (4 years and 2 years respectively).

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Ph.D. Plant Pathology / Microbiology / Biochemistry