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Christopher Hawk is a Specialist, in Tax-Deferred & Tax-Exempt Income. He is a Military Veteran and former Los Angeles County Probation Department employee.

He has 15 years of assisting third party brokers and custodians, whom he has contracted with to service corporate business owners for their group sponsored employee benefits payroll deduction services; during their open enrollment seasons: And he has worked with over 25 fortune 500 companies, including government workers (meeting with over 5,000 employees and union members 1 on 1).

Among the HIPPA compliant services provided as agent-benefit counselor includes: Pre-Tax Health Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long Term Care, Life insurance, Supplemental health plans, Social Security options, Health Savings Accounts, Prepaid Legal services, Research & Reports

Chris has been servicing the general consumer markets since 1989, for those seeking the purchase of individually or family-owned life, disability, long term care and health insurance plans.

He has spoken as a retirement planner, consultant or seminar lecturer in the areas of:

Pre-tax Qualified Retirement plans (i.e., 401Ks, IRAs, SEPs, Roth IRAs Defined Benefit Pensions, Safe-Harbor & Profit Sharing, Secure ACT 2019)

After-Tax Non-Qualified Retirement Plans (i.e., Roth IRAs, Annuities, Money Purchase plans, NQ Deferred Compensation Plans).

Rollover & Exchange Retirement Plan options
Non-Registered Securities & Alternative Investments
• Self-Directed IRAs and Private Placements (retirement & estate plans).
• Pre-59 ½ Retirement options & In-Service transfer options

In 2006 Chris founded the Small Business & Retirement Plans Foundation (a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit).

Education & Licenses

30 years as a licensed life, health & retirement plans agent.

Current Licenses: AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, MA, NJ, NV, OH, TX