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Internationally recognized slip, trip, and fall expert, author, and creator of CEU and certificate programs including courses on material selection and walkway auditing (Walkway Safety Professional). Mr. Collette specializes in slip, trip, and fall cases. He has represented both defense and plaintiff attorneys. A past Board Member of the National Floor Safety Institute with product management roles at Unilever, Diversey and Cintas, Mr. Collette has significant experience in designing, developing, and auditing floorcare systems including floor coverings, coatings, mats, chemicals, tools, and training. Mr. Collette provides forensic design, testing, consulting, and expert witness services using a scientific and standards-based approach.

Other Areas:
Accident Prevention
Floors Safety
Sidewalks/Other Walking Surfaces
Ceramic Tile
Retail Safety
Supermarket Safety
Safety Inspections
Tile Surfaces
Accident Investigation
Accident Analysis
Design Testing & Analysis

Education & Licenses

1. BSc Mech Eng, University of Manitoba 2. MBA, University of Chicago