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Mr. Gleason has over twenty-five years of drilling and blasting experience in the construction and mining industries. He is an active licensed and certified blaster who has safely designed, drilled, loaded and detonated hundreds of blasts on multiple construction projects and mine sites. Additionally, he has developed, implemented and managed hundreds of blasting programs; and has been directly responsible for the blasters who have executed those programs as well.

Drawing upon this experience, Mr. Gleason has provided proven pre-litigative and litigative support on numerous actions involving construction; non-metal surface mining; and surface coal blasting related claims. He has provided expert witness services for cases involving subrogation, binding arbitration, blasting damage (due to transient vibration and flyrock), bodily injury and fatalities.

* Controlled blasting techniques
* Non-metal/coal surface mine blasting
* Heavy/highway construction blasting
* Municipal projects, commercial and private development site work blasting
* Shaft sinking, tunneling and trench blasting.

Education & Licenses

BS Construction Engineering (Civil) 1985, Purdue University; Associates in Applied Science Building Construction Technology 1983, Purdue University

ATF License Number (18 U.S.C. Chapter 40) 4-IN-061-33-0C-00812; KY Permit to Purchase or Receive Explosives #16102768; IN Regulated Explosive Use - Operator PSID #8186-6097; IN Regulated Explosive Use - Blaster PSID #8186-6097; DMRE Explosives and Blasting Branch - KY Blasters License #9869

MSHA Miner ID: MIIN - M70515220; Office of Surface Mining Blaster Certificate # OSM-942-0066; IN Dept. of Natural Resources Certification #660; Seismograph Operation Certification - Nomis Digital Seismographs; E.I.T. Certification, Indiana No. 86850

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