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35 years experience in pipeline appraisal, pipeline easements, pipeline brokerage and pipeline recovery (salvage). Expert in rights of way contracts and easement protocol. Expert in abandoned pipelines and associated easements. Author of many articles on above subjects (Who Owns Abandoned Pipelines, Assessing Pipeline Values, etc.) and three books (Pipeline Appraisal Handbook, Pipeline Recovery Manual, Pipeline Right of Way Handbook.) Forty-five years experience in all phases of petroleum industry. Expert in deconstruction and demolition of storage tank facilities, petroleum pipelines and plants. Versed in OSHA, EPA, Neshap regulations regarding environmental issues and safety in regard to asbestos, ACM (asbestos containing materials) in pipeline coatings, as well as NORM. Ten years experience as expert witness. Lawyer reference list available on request or at (website)

Contact (713) 623-0690 (Tel) or [email protected] (email).

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BA - Texas A&M University, Petex-University of Texas; SRWA (Senior Agent) International Right of Way Association, Petex-University of Texas - Pipeline Technology