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DBS provides weather and climate expert services- Forensic Meteorological Services, Includes weather event reconstruction, weather data analysis and interpretation, oral and written reports, expert testimony and depositions. Mr. Spiegler has more than 45 years experience providing weather and climate expertise. He has testified in district and superior courts in a number of states as well as in federal court. DBS law cases have ranged from damages related to hurricanes and tropical storms, including assessment of the damage from winds, waves and storm surge, and floods to slip and fall accidents to motor vehicle, boating and aircraft accidents to homicide cases, as well as cases for which damage to -- or loss of -- property from wind, snow, heavy rain, flooding and ocean waves occurred.

Examples of the cases related to tropical cyclones include: a complete analysis of the impact of Hurricane Katrina on a hospital in Metarie, LA in a detailed report for an engineering firm. He provided expertise to a Florida law firm regarding the impacts of Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne on property in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Prepared a report for a law firm on the impacts of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma on property in south Florida. Mr. Spiegler provided expert testimony, about the impact of wind and heavy rain from severe thunder storms on an apartment building in North Miami Beach, FL, the roof of which had previously been damaged by Hurricane Wilma.

Other cases include: issues about "abnormal and unforeseeable weather", frequencies of precipitation amounts in various categories for specific locations, lightning strikes - locations and times, and visibility related to weather factors that limit visibility. For all of these cases, he acquired, analyzed, and interpreted the weather data, reconstructed the weather at the time and location of the accident, incident, and/or damage or loss, and provided expert opinion of the impact of the weather factor on the event. Services have been performed for both defendants and plaintiffs.

DBS' weather and climate services include a user-friendly electronic Weather Information Data Service (WINDS) for insurance claims that lets you know if the weather was really a factor for the claim and why.

Education & Licenses

B.A., M.S., Meteorology: New York University; CCM; Fellow of the AMS