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Mr. David Yarnall and his team at IT Acceleration, Inc. provide expertise in technology matters, and computer and digital forensic investigations. Mr. Yarnall is a certified testifying expert in the areas of Information Technology and computer/digital forensics. He has worked in various technical capacities over the past 30 years. Starting IT Acceleration, Inc. in 2002, Mr. Yarnall began offering computer forensics services, now referred to as digital forensics, to encompass the ever increasing need to preserve and analyze digital devices, social media and data repositories. Trained in the latest forensic tools to include networks, smartphone forensics and social media forensics, Mr. Yarnall is called upon by both legal and corporate clients to investigate civil, criminal and security matters. Mr. Yarnall has testified in various civil and criminal courts throughout the U.S., including at the federal level. Mr. Yarnall has a distinct ability to connect with juries and synthesize complex technical issues, easily understood at trial.

Mr. Yarnall has been certified as a Certified Computer Examiner with the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners ( since 2008.