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Land Surveying

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Douglas Dykstra is Director of Surveying and a principal of Dykstra Associates, PC, a full service land use consulting & design firm providing engineering, land surveying, land use planning, and environmental consulting services throughout the State of New Jersey.

Mr. Dykstra has over twenty three years experience in the land surveying and land development fields resulting in extensive technical and regulatory knowledge of land surveying, land development, construction surveying, environmental and land use planning issues.

In addition to his other duties as vice president of the corporation, Mr. Dykstra personally handles all projects involving litigation. Mr. Dykstra has substantial experience providing professional expert review, analysis and opinions in connection with numerous legal disputes, as well as preparing detailed, organized and understandable reports, mapping and other supporting exhibits.

Areas of Professional Expertise:

Property Boundaries, Easements, Rights of Way, Construction Layout, Forensic Surveying, Records Research, Topographic Mapping, Freshwater Wetlands (certified wetland delineator)

Education & Licenses

NJ Licensed Professional Land Surveyor
NJ Licensed Professional Planner
Certified Wetland Delineator

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