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Dr. Brandt Cassidy is the Laboratory Director and Forensic Technical Leader of DNA Solutions, a genetic testing laboratory, in Oklahoma City. Dr. Cassidy received his PhD in Pharmacology from Baylor College of Medicine in 1987. He has over 38 years' DNA analysis experience in the areas of plant biology and forensics with 20 years in the field of human and animal forensics. Dr. Cassidy is qualified as a New York State Department of Health laboratory director for paternity/identification (non-forensic) cases, Texas Department of Public Safety vendor and as a Thomson Reuters DNA expert witness. He has testified as a DNA expert in civil and criminal courts at the state and federal level. Dr. Cassidy is a member of national and international forensic and genetic organizations, a published author in the areas of DNA analysis and human identification, and frequently presents at industry conferences. He has taught at Oklahoma State University, University of Central Oklahoma, University of Oklahoma, Plant Protection Institute in Pretoria, South Africa, and Khon Kaen University in Thailand.