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Emilcott is a leading environmental, health and safety professional consulting firm. Senior staff hold third-party certification in industrial hygiene (CIH), safety (CSP), hazardous materials management (CHMM), and LEED AP. We provide expert support services in both plaintiff and defendant cases regarding: worker compensation claims; worker and public safety liability; chemical exposures; health risks of commercial and industrial properties; accident causation, and "long-term health" hazard analysis. We are well versed in the judicial process and understand the role of the technical expert for retaining counsel and their clients. If technical work product is required, such as a written expert report, it will be created and presented using scientific, industry accepted formats. Clients use Emilcott's technical expert services for dispute resolutions, arbitration and mediation, administrative hearings, depositions, and trial testimony. We provide document review and incident evaluation, forensic analysis, oral and written expert opinion, and testimony in the areas of worker and public health. Emilcott can also work with counsel to develop strategies based on our expert findings.