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Experienced safety expert who provides both pre-trial consulting services and expert testimony for mediation hearings, depositions and civil court in the following areas:
* Civil & Criminal Investigations
* Accident Investigations
* All Phases of Construction
* Confined Spaces
* Cranes/Hoists/Rigging
* Fall Protection
* Trenching/Excavation
* Ladders/Scaffolds
* Forklifts/Scissor Lifts
* Hazard Communication
* Underground Construction
* Mining, Mills & Tunnels
* Risk Assessment/Management
* Personal Injury/Wrongful Death
* Worker's Compensation
* Regulations for CAL/OSHA, OSHA, MSHA, IIPP, NEC, NFPA, NRC & EM 385-1-1
* Site Safety Inspection/Audits
* Industrial Safety/Security
* Safety Training Plans/Procedures

Certified Safety Professional with 30+ years experience in the public and private sector.
Additional offices in Florida, Kansas & Missouri.
50% Plaintiff/Defendant Ratio.