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Chemical Accidents

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Gerard Macri performs forensic investigations in the following areas: violent chemical reactions and accidents; incompatible chemical mixtures; job risk analysis; chemical hazard risk assessments; forensic chemical investigations; hazardous waste handling, storage, and treatment; air and water pollution abatement; precious metal recovery; environmental chemistry; NY State DEC regulations & EPA environmental regulations; SPDES waste water permits; Chemical Analysis & Identification; Chemical Forensic Evidence; Material Compositions; Chemical Reactions & Products; Chemical Fires; Chemical Explosions; Chemical Overexposure Risks; Chemical Sampling and Testing; Chemical Investigations; Industrial Chemical Applications; Chemical Characterization of Unknown Materials; Soil, Wastewater, and Groundwater Contamination; Chemical Plant Production ; Chemical Safe use and chemical storage of flammable and combustible chemicals; OSHA regulations; National Fire Protection Association NFPA guidelines; Safe handling of toxic and flammable chemicals; Safety Data Sheets; personal protective equipment; fume hoods and ventilation systems; chemical compatibility; Chemical exposure limits for toxic chemicals; Chemical Hygiene Plans CHP; Hazard Communication and Right-to-Know Programs; Spill Response Clean-Up Plans; chemical waste management and disposal practices; chemical bulk storage and petroleum bulk storage regulations; secondary containment systems

Education & Licenses

Ph.D. Chemistry