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Orthopedic Surgery

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Dr. Stratton is a mature orthopaedic surgeon with a wide range of orthopaedic experiences. Since 2000 he has been assisting attorneys in the US with evaluating ongoing or potential cases, both for the plaintiffs and for the defendants. Your case will be promptly reviewed and ready for the initial telephone discussion within 10 days of receiving the material. All documents are reviewed using three simple guidelines: honesty, objectivity, and professionalism. Your questions will be addressed in a thorough, comprehensive manner with all answers or recommendations based on commonly accepted medical standard of care. Medical case reviews are restricted to problems, surgeries, injuries, or complications involving the musculoskeletal system and the peripheral nervous system. A precise and fact-based answer to key questions in your case is the goal of every case review performed by Dr. Stratton.

Education & Licenses

BS & MD; Licensed in AZ