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Mining Expert: Mine Safety & Health and Mining Environmental Consultant. Jack Spadaro is a mining expert and mine safety & health and environmental specialist with 42 years of experience. Mr. Spadaro provides consulting services to attorneys, government organizations, labor organizations, and corporations involving mining accidents, the health & safety of miners, and the mine environment. His expertise is specifically related to the Mine Safety & Health Act, the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act, and the Clean Water Act. He provides expert witness services related to mining accidents and environmental matters related to mining for both surface and underground coal mines and metal / non-metal mines. Mr. Spadaro conducts investigations of mining accidents to determine the causes of accidents. He writes expert witness reports and testifies at hearings and trials. Mr. Spadaro has conducted investigations of surface and underground haulage accidents, roof and rib failures, mine explosions, coal waste dam failures, mine subsidences, preparation plant accidents, and worker exposures to hazardous materials in the mine environment. Mr. Spadaro also provides expert witness services for cases involving flooding related to mining activity, landslides, ground water contamination, waste dam stability, and mine subsidence. He has written federal and state regulations regarding implementation of mine health and safety laws and environmental laws related to mining. He was the Director of the National Mine Health and Safety Academy operated by the Mine Safety and Health Administration before becoming a mine health and safety consultant. He has testified as an expert witness in state courts and in federal District courts in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Virginia regarding mining accidents and environmental damages.

Areas of expertise include: Mining Expert, Coal Mining Expert, Metal/Non-Metal Mining Expert, Mine Accident Expert, Mining Haulage Accident Expert, Environmental Consultant / Mining, Groundwater Contamination Expert / Mining, Mine Safety & Health Expert, Accident Investigator / Mining, Pollution Control Expert / Mining.