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•Founder of Board Evaluation Services and Professor of Finance at Kennesaw State University (KSU). Director of Board Advisory Services for KSU Center since 1999 and Center Director since 2016. Corporate Governance advisor for the Cox Family Enterprise Center.
•Corporate Governance expert witness in several high-profile cases including among others Enron, Diebold (accounting restatements), Sprint (Sprint-Nextel merger), Colonial BancGroup (FDIC quote: “most expensive bank failure in U.S. history”), and Poe Insurance (DFS quote: “largest insurance insolvency in Florida’s history”).
•Cases span multiple industries including among others: energy, healthcare, technology, banking, insurance.
•Board consulting and boardroom corporate governance education experience.
•Non-profit Board and Committee member/chair experience.
•Published in high level academic refereed journals as well as practitioner articles. Research focus includes Board and Committee processes.
•Ph.D. from Ohio State University and MBA from the Wharton School of Business.
•See linked-in profile or contact me for CV.

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Ph.D. Business Administration (Finance), MBA Finance

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