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Road/Highway Obstructions & Work Areas

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Over 44 years' experience in highway safety research, highway design, roadway maintenance defects, traffic safety and accident reconstruction. Licensed Professional Engineer. Expert in over 75 lawsuits including hydroplane and wet weather crashes, construction zone and intersection collisions. Previous experience in local government traffic engineering, street and highway maintenance practices. Provided testimony in prior 5 years 30 times.

Over 25 years' experience in transportation design experience as a consultant. 10 years teaching as adjunct lecturer at the University of Michigan. Knowledgeable and experienced with the Manual on Uniform traffic Controls Devices -Chapter 6, "Temporary Traffic Control". Experienced in the preparation and interpretation of Maintaining Traffic Special Provisions and Standard Drawings for Highway Construction Zones. Experienced in highway construction contracts including construction plans, specifications, special provisions and standard details.

Specialty Focus:
Hydroplaning Crashes, Crash Forensics, Roadway Design, Highway Clear Zones, Road Maintenance Defects, Traffic Safety, Traffic Controls, Pavement Markings, Guardrails, Median Cable Barriers, Pedestrians, Bicycles, Construction Zones.

Education & Licenses

BSCE - Iowa State University
MSCE - Iowa State University
PE (Civil Engineering) Michigan & Ohio
The Transportation Institute Certification - "Traffic Accident Reconstruction"