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Food Safety

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Over 40 years’ experience in restaurants, health care and hospitality industry. Litigation support & expert witness services for: food safety, HACCP, food borne illness, Quality Assurance in restaurants, country clubs, schools, supermarkets, casinos and food manufacturers. Food Safety Expert for CNN, CBS, NBC and Coast to Coast with George Noory.

Jeff provides state of the art food safety inspections, training and accident prevention services for restaurants and institutional food services. He specializes in investigating alleged food borne illness complaints, food allergies and helping restaurants regain their A grade via Site visits. He also is an expert in COVID 19 - Re-opening and Protocol as well as Health Dept. compliance.

His cases have included: Standards of the Industry, Food Allergy Compliance, Accident Prevention, Beverage and food burns - Restaurant Accidents FOB/BOH, Restaurant Burns, Health Dept. Inspection Analysis, Equipment-Related Issues, ADA Etiquette, Good Manufacturing Practices, Training Review and Analysis, Chemical Safety, Hot Beverage Burns, Chemical accidents, Allergy, Pest Control reviews. Mock Health Dept. Inspections, toxic seafood infections, foreign object investigations, Health Department Inspection Review/Analysis, Vendor Safety Performance Inspections and Reviews. He offers litigation support, consulting services and expert opinions to lawyers and insurance professionals needing strategic food safety insight and strategic services.

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Education & Licenses

B.S., - Food Science Management - Pratt Inst. M.A., Restaurant Management -NYU.
National Registry of Food Safety Professionals instructor, HACCP Alliance Certified Manager, Certified Training Provider - #15 LA County Health Dept.; Certified Master Allergy Trainer