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Hydraulic Fracturing

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Specialties: A world renowned Hydraulic fracturing expert with more than 40 years' experience in fracture design and implementation. Mr. Ely has extensive experience in all aspects of stimulation including all types of acid treatments. Over 90 publications including "Engineer's Guide to Stimulation" and chapters in the SPE Monograph on Hydraulic fracturing and more than a dozen patents. He is a member of the SPE, ACS, and a fellow of the American Institute of Chemists. He is CEO of the largest frac consulting company in the US with more than 90 employees. He has a particularly deep understanding of the chemistry of stimulation fluids and has designed thousands of hydraulic fracturing treatments. He has testified in more than 50 cases for both E&P and service companies. He has been described as having a PhD in experience with testimony in mechanical and chemical aspects of stimulation as well cases involving patent infringement. He has received the John Franklin Carll award from the SPE in 2020 and was awarded the Legends of Hydraulic Fracturing from the Hydraulic Fracturing Conference in 2021.

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BS - Chemistry