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Jon O. Cook, Safety Consultant with Transportation Safety Consulting, Inc. I am a former commercial motor vehicle driver and owner-operator with approximately 1,000,000 over-the-road miles to my credit. I am a certified commercial driver examiner having trained and road tested hundreds of commercial truck drivers. I have been employed in the trucking industry for over 48 years and have served as a director of safety for seven years where I was responsible for over 240 drivers in seven states. While employed as a Safety Engineer for a large leasing company, I was responsible for compliance, safety and training for 31 service facilities, which involved over 700 vehicles, 300 employees and 65 customers in eight states. I was also responsible for over 8,000 vehicles throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Area of Expertise, specializing in FMCSR's, Regulatory Compliance, Loading/Unloading, Industry Standards and Practices Driver Qualifications, Hours of Service of Drivers, Vehicle Maintenance, Driver Training, Safe Operation of Commercial Motor Vehicle, Accident Analysis Investigation and Hazardous Materials.