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Failure Analysis (Materials)

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Jon Crate an Analytical and Polymer Chemist who has over twenty-two years' experience in in analytical chemistry, polymer science, and failure analysis. He is proficient in the failure analysis of plastics, rubber, metals, composites, ceramics, textiles and natural materials. He is well versed in the chemical analysis and physical characterization of metals, inorganic and organic compounds and polymeric materials.

Mr. Crate is available as an expert witness regarding materials science, chemical analysis, microscopy and fractography. He has deposition, trial, and Daubert hearing experience and experience writing expert reports under state and federal court rules and standards and the following states: GA, FL, CA, TX, SC, IL, MI, KY, NY.

Education & Licenses

Bachelors in Chemistry from University of Central Florida; Masters in Polymers from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)