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Primary Area of Expertise

Forensic Psychology

Expert Witness Profile

Independent licensed psychologist with over 30 years’ experience in school, clinical and forensic psychology.

Experienced expert witness at deposition and trial, having been qualified as psychology expert witness numerous times in civil, criminal and family court.

Performed over 500 forensic and mental status evaluations for children, adolescents and adults.

Conducted over 1000 Mental Health Evaluations

Medicaid File Reviewer of over 1000 Claims

Has been asked to testify as Expert in DE, NY, and Kentucky. Provided Court ordered evaluations for Custody, Accident related PTSD, Mental Competency, Workplace Evaluation, Workers Comp and Immigration/Citizenship requirements.

Other areas for expertise: Personal Injury/Psychological Trauma; PTSD Testing/Victim Trauma; Disability Evaluation; Risk Assessment/Dangerousness; Expungement of Criminal Record

Education & Licenses

Doctor of Psychology (1992), New York Licensed Psychologist, Delaware Licensed Psychologist