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Accident Investigation

Expert Witness Profile

Kay Sicheneder has served as an expert helping clients resolve tree issues including trial preparation and testimony. Kay has provided both expert and consulting services with casework involving:

* injury caused by a falling branch/tree
* accidents involving branch/tree failure into roads
* personal/property injury occurring during tree pruning/removal operations
* hazard tree assessment and mitigation
* tree/landscape loss and appraisal
* insurance claims

Kay has over twenty-five years serving commercial, municipal, governmental and residential clients while working for tree services and as forester for the city of Ann Arbor. She understands tree value, but also the need to manage risk and maintenance associated with trees. Kay seeks consensus in her work in

* construction and landscape plan review
* tree preservation
* tree inventory and canopy analysis
* tree/shrub management plans

Ms. Sicheneder is proficient communicator in individual, group, and court settings. She has written technical manuals, teaches college courses, and gives presentations on arboricultural topics. She has broad experience with trees, their landscape and urban sites, and the people concerned about them.

Education & Licenses

Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ); ASCA RCA Candidate; MS Natural Resources, IPM; BS Zoology; ISA Certified Arborist MI-0073; MI Oak Wilt Qualified Arborist; MI Certified Pesticide Applicator; Strike Force Team